Jhonie van Boeijen 



Hyperrealism Magazine 2021 September issue.

I am honoured to be featured in the September issue of Hyperrealism Magazine among other incredibly talented artists!

Mondriaan fonds Kunstenaar start 2021. 

I am very happy to share the news that I have received a grant from the Mondriaan fund to help me develop my artistic practice and research.  

Project Lucht, Autumn 2021, Groningen.    

I am happy to share I got selected to participate in Project Lucht. With the Project Lucht, Kunstpunt Groningen wants to support artists and designers in behalf of the Municipality of Groningen. The results will be made visible to everyone in the autumn with posters of the works on billboard spread through the city of Groningen.  

George Verberg Stipendium 2021.   

Last Januari 2021 I have had the honour to receive the George Verberg Grand from the Hanze hogeschool and the city council of Groningen. This stipend has given me the possibility to start a project ‘Shopping on the borderline’ in the border region of south Norway and Sweden.  

Upcoming shows:

Project Lucht, Kunstpunt, 27th September - 17th October, Groningen.

This autumn, Kunstpunt Groningen will present project lucht with a total of 87 participants on billboard scattered through the municipality of Groningen. There will be no map with the specific location of each poster. The billboards will be on display from the 27th of September till the 17th of October.  

Shopping on the borderline, September 2022, Groningen.

For more information about the project 'Shopping on the borderline' and my travels to Sweden/Norway click below.

Shopping on the border line